A Note from the Founder

The Beginning.

In an effort to bring together cancer patients, their family, and friends in a supportive environment I bring you Warriors for Hope. We are an organization founded by a cancer survivor from Chicago, Illinois. We encourage you to share your story as a cancer patient, survivor, family, or friend in a safe space in hopes of inspiring others to keep going. There’s no other way to say it- cancer really sucks. There’s no way to sugar coat it, no making it go away, no making the healing process quicker. But we hope that we can help make the process better. So whether you’re in the throw of it, straight out of chemo, 10,15,20 or more years in remission, looking for a place to vent, share, express, feel, cry, linger, or just read- we invite you in. Feel free to follow the journey of this blog as it grows and evolves, and feel free to share our email in hopes of spreading awareness through people sharing their own personal stories. Email your submissions to warriorsforhope2016@gmail.com.

Til’ next time,

Your founder and moderator,



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